About college

Mission - training of specialists in the field of educational activities, ensuring the availability of quality, competitive education oriented on the results.

Vision - creation of an effective management system for an institution to provide quality educational services that contribute to the formation of a competitive and intellectual personality.

To study here is a privilege, to work is an honor!

Since 1923 in the city of Ust-Kamenogorsk there is an active educational institution, now proudly called the East Kazakhstan Humanitarian College.

Today, after a series of reorganizations and transformations, the East Kazakhstan Humanitarian College is an advanced, modern secondary vocational school with established traditions and a creative team that prepares cadres for the education system of Kazakhstan.

It seems that yesterday the college celebrated its 90th anniversary, and on the eve of a new anniversary - 95 years! Ninety-five beautiful, saturated years, every day which is filled with a special meaning.
Following the modern trends and traditions of Kazakhstan education system, real, competitive, highly qualified  and professional, creative specialists are trained here.

"... The future of Kazakhstani is for free possession of Kazakh, Russian and English languages ..." - N. Nazarbayev once again noted in his annual Address to the People "New Development Opportunities in the Conditions of the Fourth Industrial Revolution", January 2018.
Our college is in step with the times, therefore all work is conducted taking into account trilingualism, there are programs such as: "Mangilik El", "Ruhani zhangyru". This fact is a requirement of the time and is reflected both in the state policy and in the programs of educational activity.

The new time and new demands made on the education system of Kazakhstan did not take us by surprise - everything was prepared for the transition to a higher stage of providing educational services. The procedure for international accreditation of the college has been started; Preparations are underway for obtaining an international IQS certificate (International Quality System);

A Memorandum of mutual cooperation was signed by the Center of pedagogical excellence, the Nazarbayev Intellectual School and the Department of Education of the East Kazakhstan region too. Since the new academic year, the college will switch to training specialists in the qualification of "bachelor".

We have a team of associates for the development and implementation of informational, specified, modular and progressive technologies.

Aubakirova A.R., Slyambekova Zh.A., Filipov S.M., Akhmetkaliyeva G.M., Okasova G.T., Bikadamova A.A., Mironenko I.P., Zavalova I. Zh., Piskunova E.G. and others have been working at the department more than twenty years.

There is one distinguishing feature of our college: the third part of the teachers are graduates of college and its best students - Kaikenova A.M., Muratova A., Esmuratova K.К., Bekshoinova А.Е. They are dedicated teachers, who do not stop studying and mastering new approaches and technologies, accumulating their experience and rethinking it again.

Teachers and students of the college are numerous winners of international, republican and regional competitions of professional excellences, olympiads.

Informational space of the college have been intensively developing, classrooms are equipped with modern computer equipments.

Our educational institution looks with confidence into the future, rightly believing that a strong country should have a reliable human potential.

        Time goes by and generation replace by making plans and realizing their dreams. But one thing remains unchanged - college. This is a home where graduates are expected every time, where they are loved and remembered, where for them doors are always open!

Choosing an institution after school is not easy thing, but rest assured that enrolling in our college and gaining important knowledge, you will be proud of your profession!

To study here is a privilege, to work is an honor!