Results of pedagogical practice

In the East Kazakhstan humanitarian College was held the final conference on the pre-diploma practice of final year students, the aim of which was to summarize the results of the development of students ' pedagogical and professional activities in the specialty "Primary education", the formation of General and professional competencies, the acquisition of the necessary skills and experience of practical work in school. Students of these groups had practice in schools of Ust-Kamenogorsk and regional centers of East Kazakhstan region,such as: "School № 14" of Ridder city, "School № 9" in Zyryanovsk, "School № 5" in Shemonaikha, "Zhanaul primary school" of Kurchum, "Terektybulak secondary school", "Saryterek secondary school" of Zaisan, "Amelda secondary school" , "Ushbulak secondary school" of Katon Karagay district

The results of pedagogical practice of students and the Methodists reported at this conference, where they presented papers and presentations on individual tasks received on the installation of the conference, shared their impressions about their teaching and educational work at school. The pre-diploma conference was also attended by the correspondence unit 1-SHZ-1, which actively participated in the discussion of the results, asked their questions and wished them good luck in the successful completion of the last academic year.